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HPV Vaccine Delivery in Mali 

Based on healthcare provider feedback, the “Talking Textile” design for GAIA Vaccine Foundation's Mother-Daughter Cervical Cancer Prevention Campaign in Bamako includes geometric flowering patterns based on mathematical multiples of 6 and 12 petals. Both numbers serve as reminders built into the pattern: girls need the 2nd dose of the vaccine 6 months after the first, and women need a follow-up screening 12 months after a normal screen. The logo for the program displays a woman and girl’s profiles encircled with the Malian proverb, “It is better to prevent than to cure,” and French slogan, “Screened Mothers and Vaccinated Daughters.”


In 2018, GAIA launched a paired “Mother-Daughter” cervical cancer prevention program that offers free cervical cancer screenings to women and HPV vaccinations to girls. The year-long program included the following activities:

  • Capacity building training for nurses, midwives, and peer educators at 5 community clinics

  • Educational outreach programs in the 5 neighborhoods with the "story-telling cloth"

  • Free cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination

  • 6 months of follow-up services for the 2nd dose

Impact: During the yearlong campaign, 5,611 women received free cervical cancer screening and treatment, and 793 girls received the HPV vaccine.